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Voting as a Christian: The Social Issues - Wayne Grudem - $13.60

This 218-page book contains the chapters on the protection of life, marriage, the family, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion from Grudem`s larger book Politics — According to the Bible.  It also contains a shortened overview of the early chapters on biblical principles for Christian influence on government in general.

Voting as a Christian: The Social Issues begins with the assumption that God intended the Bible to give guidance to every area of life—including how governments should function. Derived from Politics—According to the Bible, this book highlights those economic and foreign-policy issues that have dominated political debate recently. Throughout, author Wayne Grudem supports political positions that would be called more ‘conservative’ than ‘liberal.’ However, ‘it is important to understand that I see these positions as flowing out of the Bible’s teachings rather than positions I hold prior to, or independently of, those biblical teachings,’ he writes. ‘My primary purpose in the book is not to be liberal or conservative, or Democrat or Republican, but to explain a biblical worldview and a biblical perspective on issues of politics, law, and government.’