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Practical Tools

Plan Ministry Meetings

Churches are filled with individuals who are willing to make a difference and help reclaim our culture for Christ. One of the best ways to educate, equip and encourage Christians to do this is by organizing regular meetings to provide resources and training on how to engage the culture.

Informative and educational meetings that equip fellow believers will bring about:

  • Greater awareness of current political and social issues.

  • Growing and strengthening of a “biblical worldview.”

  • Confidence when responding to specific “hot button” issues.

  • A strengthening, energizing and unity of fellowship within the church body.

  • A way to challenge the nation’s moral decline.

Helpful Tips

1.     Obtain permission from church leadership (IRS guidelines allow non-partisan activities to take place on church property).

2.     Schedule meetings regularly throughout the year.

3.     Determine the date, time, and location for your meetings. Meetings are generally one and a half to two hours in length, not including fellowship time.

4.     Invite a speaker who:

a. Is a member of the church or another ministry and who can prepare and deliver a quality presentation on a specific topic.

b. Has experience or knowledge in an area of interest:

    • A director of a pro-life ministry

    • A representative from a pro-family organization

    • An elected official at the city, state, or national level

    • A state policy council representative  (Family Research Council, www.frc.org, has a list of State Policy Councils in your state)

    • A person knowledgeable about educational issues

Note:  Be sure to ask the invited speaker about his or her audio/visual/Wi-Fi needs.

5.     Show a thought-provoking video

6.     Set up a table to provide congregants with access to material/information regarding issues, events, voter registration, etc.

Plan Meeting