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Practical Tools

Utilize our tools for advancing a Christian worldview and for organizing and activating your ministry. It is our hope that you catch the vision and take the steps needed to be that salt and light in our culture today.

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Infographic - Comprehensive Sex Education for Students
THE FACTS - The California Healthy Youth Act requires Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) in California schools. The result is, students are exposed to sexually explicit curriculums and ideas in our K-12 classrooms.COMPREHENSIVE SEXUAL EDUCATION: ï‚· Communicates acceptance of sex outside of marriage.…   // more >
Fast & Pray Bookmark
Please join us as we dedicate the second Tuesday of each month during 2016 to humble ourselves before God, repent individually and as a nation, and pray for our country, our leaders, and the upcoming election.   // more >
Letter Writing Campaign
Legislation has the potential to impact our society for good or for bad. Citizens have the opportunity throughout the legislative process to influence their representatives to support or oppose proposed legislation. It is essential that Christians contact their legislators and encourage them to support…   // more >
Political Party Platform Excerpts
The positions taken by the Democrat and Republican Parties on the issues of abortion, marriage, Israel, religious liberty, and voter identification are examined here. These positions are taken verbatim from the 2016 platforms of the respective parties and do not necessarily represent the views of all…   // more >
Voter Guide Production for Local Elections
Election season is a busy time of the year for the Culture Impact Team. Registering your congregation to vote, keeping them informed and motivated to vote is an important aspect of your ministry. We pray the congregation will vote and make the decision to select men and women who fear God and are people…   // more >
Culture Impact Ministry Handbook
As Americans we are blessed to have a form of government established on Judeo Christian principles that preserve and protect the God given rights of the people. Our founders recognized that God, not government, is the granting authority for our natural rights. Biblical principles were employed to provide…   // more >
Create a Legislative Action Alert
An important function of a Culture Impact Ministry is to monitor legislation and to provide the pastor and congregation with information on legislation. Every ministry will determine their own issues of interest, but here are a few suggestions: life at every stage, traditional marriage and family, parental…   // more >
Plan Ministry Meetings
Churches are filled with individuals who are willing to make a difference and help reclaim our culture for Christ. One of the best ways to educate, equip and encourage Christians to do this is by organizing regular meetings to provide resources and training on how to engage the culture. Informative…   // more >
Make Your Words Count! Writing Workshop
This writing workshop was created to teach the church body to effectively influence public opinion through letters, blogs, and social networking. The course instructors included an author and a blogger. Consider recruiting others to help you organize this 4-week writing workshop for your ministry. Part…   // more >
Stand in the Gap - Prayer for Our Nation
The Stand in the Gap prayer meeting is a great opportunity for your church to come together on a regular basis to intercede on the nation’s behalf. “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land that I should not destroy it…” Ezekiel 22:30a…   // more >
The Importance of a Ministry Website
In today’s fast paced world, having a website is a necessity. The days of letting your fingers walk through the yellow pages are fading, and the days of pulling out your smartphone or tablet to access data is ever increasing. As a church ministry whose desire is to engage the culture for Jesus Christ,…   // more >
Official State Legislative Information
To become a well-rounded and effective leader, we encourage you to develop an understanding of the legislative process for your state. Visit your state`s official legislative website or learn about the legislative process by clicking on the state’s name below. ALABAMALegislative Process ALASKALegislative…   // more >
Lobby Your Legislator In-Person
In today’s world, due to our lax moral and religious attitudes, our society is much more dependent on human legislation to control behavior than were our forefathers. At times, proposed legislation has the potential to greatly impact our families and our society either for good or bad. We know that…   // more >