Faith and Public Policy
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Parental Rights Issues

Parental Rights Issues Securing parental rights is a fundamental purpose of the state. Parents have the sole right to direct the training and care of their children. Without these natural rights, the state could interfere with raising godly children which would undermine the family and create chaos in society. * But ...   // more >
The HPV Vaccine and School Mandates: Questions and Answers
(Family Research Council) Understanding Human Papilloma Virus. Q: What is HPV? A: HPV, or human papilloma virus, is a virus that can cause abnormal tissue growth on different ...   // more >
Internet Safety 101
(Concerned Women for America) Despite numerous victories, the battle to protect children and families from harmful and illegal hardcore pornography has been long and hard. Today, ...   // more >
Is Your Child`s School Participating in the "Day of Silence"?
(Concerned Women for America) In April, thousands of teachers, students and administrators in public schools across the country will be participating in the Day of Silence, an event ...   // more >
You`re Teaching My Child What? The Truth About Sex Education
(Dr.Miriam Grossman) I was told in a recent interview that I must be exaggerating: that it must be hyperbole when I say sex education is madness, that it teaches untruths and that ...   // more >
Protecting our Children from Porn
(Beveryl LaHaye Institute) The average age of first exposure to Internet pornography is eleven years old; often because of stumbling onto sites while doing homework. Kids searching ...   // more >