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California Issues

California Issues We serve California churches by offering material that is designed to promote a Judeo-Christian worldview.   // more >
Voter Registration at Church
When the righteous are in authority,the people rejoice; but when a wickedman rules, the people groan.Proverbs 29:2 We look forward to the day Christians realize the impact they could have on the direction…   // more >
Infographic - Comprehensive Sex Education for Students
THE FACTS - The California Healthy Youth Act requires Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) for public school students. The result is, students are exposed to sexually explicit curriculums and ideas in our…   // more >
Political Party Platforms
Do you know the differences in the two main political parties? Read the party platform of the Republican and Democrat parties. The platform is a statement of what each of the parties believe and value.…   // more >