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California Issues

Infographic - Comprehensive Sex Education for Students


The California Healthy Youth Act requires Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) for public school students. The result is, students are exposed to sexually explicit curriculums and ideas in our K-12 classrooms.


  • Communicates acceptance of sex outside of marriage.

  • Promotes anal sex and encourages the act as a way to avoid pregnancy.

  • Teaches children how to obtain birth control, the morning after pill, and get an abortion--all without parental knowledge.

  • Exposes children to online links to read interviews discussing vaginal and anal sex.

  • Subjects children to supplemental materials such as It’s Perfectly Normal, a graphic book that illustrates nude males and females in sexually explicit bedroom scenes.

  • Mandates CSE in middle and high school, but in can be taught in all grades.

Included in this document is the voting record on AB 329. Listed are the legislators who voted in opposition, and those who voted in support, of this legislation.

Click below to download and print the infographic.